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Mrs. Warbritton's Class Webpage

6th grade- Ecosystems
6.LS2.3 Draw Conclusions about the transfer of energy through a food web and energy pyramid in an ecosystem.
  • How and why do organisms interact with their environment, and what are the effects of these interactions?
    • What happens to ecosystems when the environment changes?
      • Biomes
7th grade- Heredity
7.LS3.3 Predict the probability of individual dominant and recessive alleles to be transmitted from each parent to offspring duing reproduction and represent the genotypic and phenotypic patterns using ratios.
  • How are characteristics of one generation passed to the next? How can individuals of the same species and even siblings have different characteristics?
    • Why do individuals of the same species vary in how they look, function, and behave?
      • Variation of Traits

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