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Student Council

Homecoming 2020
October 19th-23rd
Theme: We Got the Beat!
Dress up days:
  • Monday - “Thriftshop” = Wacky Tacky

  • Tuesday - “Welcome to the Jungle” = Safari

  • Wednesday - “Man in the Mirror” = Twin/ squad day

  • Thursday - “Workin’ 9 to 5” = Essential Worker Dress Up Day

  • Friday - “My House” = Eagle Attire

Distance Learners- Make sure you check in via zoom or send an email with your picture to your first period teacher to be counted for your class! 

Daily Competitions: 

Here is the ZOOM link that you will use each day to join these competitions during VIP time (8:45-9:15):  



Monday – Music Hangman Instructions 

Each person will take a turn and guess a letter of the alphabet. If the letter is in the answer the letter will be placed in the corresponding spot. If not, every wrong answer will add a body part to your hangman. If you guess the answer first before your hangman is full you win, but if you do not know the answer and your hangman is complete you lose, and the game is over. 


Click here to see the video of us playing!


Tuesday – Music Trivia Instructions 

For Music Trivia, each contestant will be asked two different types of questions; Either complete the lyrics or a title of a song will be given, and the contestant will guess the artist. Going from 9th grade to 12th grade, a contestant will be asked a question and if they do not know the answer or guess incorrectly then another contestant can steal the question. A contestant steals by raising their hand and their hand should be down by their side otherwise. Each person can only guess once per question. Each contestant will get a point per question answered correctly and whoever has the most correct answers by the end wins. 


Click here to see the video of Trivia... what a game!


Wednesday – Music Charades Instructions 

Each grade level will have two designated students who will take turns performing the actions off of the list given to them prior to the event. There will be three other designated classmates who will guess what action the student is performing. The student performing the action CANNOT SPEAKAlso, this is NOT Pictionary, and therefore there can be no drawing or writing of any kind used in the demonstration. The students will have a two-minute time frame to perform and guess the actions. HAVE FUN!!!!


Click here to see Charades!  


Thursday  Homecoming Cheer Instructions – Work on this all week! 

On Thursday, during the Homecoming time, you will record your cheers.  Homecoming looks a lot different this year, but we still want our team to know that we are cheering them on for a Homecoming Victory.  To help us do that, we are asking each Homeroom (first period for HS) to create a virtual cheer and record your Homeroom saying this cheer to a FlipGrid Video.  Some of these Cheers will then be shared during our Pep Rally and they will be posted to our Web Page.  Please note the videos are limited to 30 seconds.  

Remember, during cheers, students should stay beside their desks and wear masks to ensure appropriate social distancing. 

Your class can submit a cheer here: 


Cheers must be submitted by 9:30 on Thursday to be part of our Virtual Pep Rally! 


See completed cheers below!


Friday – Music Pictionary & Scavenger Hunt Instructions 

Pictionary: Each designated student that will be drawing will need a dry-erase marker and access to a white board. The space used for drawing should fit in the view of a camera. The first student will select an item off of their specific list to draw. As the image is being drawn there are 3 preselected people that are trying to guess what is being drawn within 1 minute. Points are awarded if the guessers make the correct guess within the 1 minute time.  

*HINT: All images on List are related to this year’s theme!!* 


General Pictionary Reminders: 

No Words or symbols may be used at any time drawn or spoken 

All drawings must be stopped at the end of the minute. 

Any correct guess after the one minute is complete DOES NOT count towards the total points.  

This is supposed to be a fun game, try not to just draw the item, make them think to guess it!! 

Scavenger Hunt: Info coming soon...

Here's our School Cheers!

2020-2021 STUCO Interest survey!  Click on this link to show you want to join STUCO: