National Art Honor Society

The National Art Honor Society is comprised of current and former art students that want to make a difference both in the art program and within their community. Our club meets on scheduled Fridays during TALON time, and certain days before and after school.  Fall semester meeting dates are: September 22, October 13, October 30, November 17, and December 8.

Our goal is to promote an awareness of the arts to our student body, participate in art-making, and to hold service projects throughout the year. 

Information:  Annual dues are $15; returning members are $5. Enrollment is available to any student who is currently enrolled in, or has successfully completed, a high school visual art class. Members are expected to attend meetings and participate in service activities. 

*Senior members have the option of purchasing a graduation honor cord.  Beginning the 2022-23 year, senior members must be fully inducted members from a prior year AND be members during their senior year in order to qualify for an honor cord.  For example, if you are a member as a freshman, sophomore, or junior and again as a senior, you are eligible for honors regalia.  

Ongoing fundraiser:  We are selling buttons!  Each button is a unique work of art.  Buttons are available in the machine at the school store for .75 each.  They will also be sold at selected football and basketball games at our face painting table.