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Upcoming 8th Graders--What can you do over summer?

This would be a great time to begin to create GREAT reading habits.  
Challenge yourself with reading ONE book in June and ONE book in July.  Pick a topic or genre you love and go with it!  When we get back to school, we will look at the benefits of reading.  You having some personal experience with that will start you out in the right direction in 8th grade.  
Eagleville Library/Linebaugh Library has a great selection to check out AND you can also sign up for their online reading app that has several thousands of choices to read.  Make your choice:  paper-based or digital.  

If You Are Absent...

If you are absent, please check SCHOOLOGY.   A folder for each day of the week is posted as well as a list of activities for you to complete.  
Please see me if you have any questions.