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Benchmark Assessments Start Nov. 10

RCS will be administering District Wide Benchmark Assessments to ALL students in grades 1st through high school starting next week.  These assessments are meant to help us get a better understanding of what our students know.  They will help teachers determine areas in which students need extra support. 
Traditional Learners Benchmark Assessments
Traditional learners will take the benchmark assessments in their classroom on paper and pencil. Teachers will provide instructions to students for how to complete these assessments.  
The assessments that will be taken will include: 
1st-2nd Grade-Math and ELA
3rd-5th Grade-Math, ELA, and Science
6th-8th Grade-Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies
English I and II
Integrated Math I, II, & III
US History
Distance Learners Benchmark Assessments
Distance Learners will take these assessments online via the Mastery Connect Program.  Since these assessments are to get an understanding of what each student knows, so we ask that you please let your child complete these assessments independently, so that we can get an accurate snapshot of their understanding of the concepts.  Just encourage them to do their very best.  
Students will be REQUIRED to take the assessments on the days that they are scheduled.  Please see the schedule below for the dates that your child will need to compete these assessments. 
1st and 2nd Grade will take their assessments with their teacher via Zoom.  2nd Grade is asked to pick up their paper assessment in the front office before Tuesday, Nov. 10 and return them no later than Nov. 20.  
Distance Leaners in grades 3-12 will take their assessments online through Mastery Connect.  Instructions will be sent to parents and students on how to take the assessments.  Students must take them on their scheduled dates.  If you have any questions or issues taking the assessments, please contact Mrs. Tibbs at tibbsc@rcschools.net. 
1st Grade
Week of Nov. 9-13 ELA
Week of Nov. 16-20 Math
2nd Grade
Tues. Nov. 10 ELA
Tues. Nov. 17 Math
3rd & 4th Grade
Tues. Nov. 10 ELA
Tues. Nov. 17 Math
Thurs./Fri. Nov. 19-20 Science
5th Grade
Tues. Nov. 10 ELA
Mon. Nov. 16 Math
Thurs./Fri. Nov. 19-20 Science
6th & 8th Grade
Tues. Nov. 10 ELA
Tues. Nov. 17 Math
Thurs. Nov. 12 Science
Thurs. Nov. 19 Social Studies
7th Grade
Tues. Nov. 10 ELA
Tues. Nov. 17 Math
Thurs. Nov. 12 Social Studies
Thurs. Nov. 19 Science
High School
Wed./Thurs. Nov. 11-12 English I & II
Wed./Thurs. Nov. 11-12 US History
Mon./Tues. Nov. 16-17 Int. Math I, II, & III
Thurs. Nov. 19 Biology