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June Athletics at Eagleville

Eagleville School looks forward to beginning Athletic activities on June 1 within Rutherford County guidelines.  You are encouraged to reach out to the head coach listed below for each sports if you plan to participate so that you can be aware of summer workouts, practices, and tryouts.  You will be assigned a time by your coach to ensure we don't exceed the number of persons we can safely have on campus at one time.
All athletes will be required to have a complete DragonFlyMax account before participation.  This includes a current physical.  If parents or students need assistance with DragonFlyMax, there will be a computer and someone to assist you in the Eagleville School lobby this week 5/26 - 5/29 from
9 am - 12 pm.
High School Contacts:
Middle School Contacts:
HEAD COACH:  CHAD LEEMAN leemanch@rcschools.net
HEAD COACH:  JILL PIPPENGER pippengerj@rcschools.net
KARYL PAUL paulka@rcschools.net
HEAD COACH:  JOJO WILSON wilsonjo@rcschools.net
HEAD COACH: RICHARD BOLDEN boldenr@rcschools.net
HEAD COACH: BILLY SPANN spannb@rcschools.net
HEAD COACH:  CHAD LEEMAN leemanch@rcschools.net