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High School Student Awards

Congratulations to the following High School Students: 


Inquisitor-for that student who questions and investigates:

Freshman:  Paige Martin

Sophomore:  Oakley Hinds

Junior:  Emme Schmidt

Senior:  Madison Roberts


Homework Champion-for that student who is always prepared:

Freshman:  Paige Martin

Sophomore:  Madysson Tibbs

Junior:  Jenna Gaessler

Senior:  Levi Driver


Lend  a Hand- for that student who helps their classmates:

Freshman:  Paige Martin, Isleigh Herndon and Leah Fann

Sophomore:  Sawyer Bennett and Madysson Tibbs

Junior:  Savannah Brouwer

Senior:  Daisy Hall


Energizer Bunny-for that student who participates, gives motivation, and encourages positivity

Freshman:  Mallory Spielman, Abigail Pennington, Alyssa Barnes, and Paige Martin

Sophomore:   Chloe Stuard

Junior:  Courtney Joyner

Senior:  Caroline Solomon


Tutor-for that student who always knows the assignment and helps others

Freshman:  Paige Martin

Sophomore:  Candace Hermann

Junior:  Jaydi Austin

Senior:  Brylee Shepherd


The Vol-for that student who volunteers frequently

Freshman:  Reese Songer

Sophomore:  Oakley Hinds and Reese Savering

Junior:  Savannah Brouwer

Senior:  Mary Elise Lynch


Eagle-for the best overall student

Freshman:  Emma Warbritton, Paige Martin, and Jaylyn Warrick

Sophomore:  Madysson Tibbs

Junior:  Haylee Ferguson and Savannah Brouwer

Senior:  Caroline Solomon