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Señorita Shrum's Class Page

Elizabeth Shrum
Foreign Languages - Spanish I, IH
Room 234

<<¡Adios!>> to Summer, and <<¡Hola!>> to another great school year!


So, how will you sharpen your Spanish skills sharp over this year?

Whether you're in Spanish I, IIIAH, or IVAH, you have access to some great online resources.  Use these links for practice or check out apps like Duolingo for great practice and review!





www.quizlet.com (remember to go to Shrume2017 and your class folder)



Intro to Spanish


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  Preliminary Unit - We are building a great, proficiency-based foundation for all the conversations to come.  Check out recent posts to see exactly what we're able to do.
Also, please remember to bring your earbuds, since you'll be assigned a class laptop for watching videos and listening to conversations.
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