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Señorita Shrum's Class Page

Elizabeth Shrum
Foreign Languages - Spanish I, IH
Room 234

Welcome to Our Class Webpage


This Week in Class: 

Spanish I:  We learn to describe ourselves and others.

Spanish III:  We're taking a test over Legend Vocabulary and the Preterite & Imperfect in context and combined.

IV:  We're re-visiting the world of work with Restaurant and Table Service Vocabulary

Intro to Spanish


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This Week:
Spanish I and 1H:  We began Unit 1, Lesson 1 and are learning to discuss likes and dislikes with activity vocabulary.
Study Guide: Textbook pg. 51
Spanish III, AH:  We bridged back to Spanish II, Unit 4, Lesson 1, and are learning vocabulary to discuss Aztec, Inca, and Maya legends and culture.
Spanish IV, AH:  We are re-visiting family vocabulary in the Spanish II textbook, U7, Lesson 2.


Recent Posts

Justino Bieber Running Dictation Sentences (Translation for absent students)

Running dictation: Spanish I  U1L1: Justino Bieber


  1. Es un día horrible para Justino Bieber.


  1. La profesora de español lee la tarea y dice, “¡Es horrible!”


  1. A Justino Bieber, también, le gusta practicar deportes.


  1. En el gimnasio, Justino no va a pasar tiempo con los amigos.


  1. Justino toca la guitarra en el restaurant.


  1. Las personas en el restaurante no escuchan a Justino.


  1. Justino va a casa. No va a mirar la televisión.


8.  Es un día muy, muy, terrible. Justino

Translation Sentences

Translation Sentences:

  1. To me, it’s likeable to eat fruit.
  2. To Anita, it’s likeable to run.
  3. To you (familiar) is it likeable to prepare the food?
  4. I am from the United States.
  5. They are from Argentina.
  6. To them, it’s likeable to play the guitar.
  7. We are friends.
  8. Are y’all (Uds.) from El Salvador?
  9. She is from Bolivia.
  10. Make up your own sentence telling where someone is from.

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