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Mrs. McKee's Class Webpage

Heather McKee
First Grade
Room 403

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First Grade Supply List—2019-2020

--pencils (24)                                                                                             

--composition books (2)

--glue sticks (12)                                                          

--cap erasers (2 packages)                                 

--24 count crayons (3 boxes)


--box of tissues (1)      

--dry erase markers (4)         

--plastic folder with pockets and NO prongs (1)

--3-ring binder –1/2 inch, hard, with interior side pockets

--backpack (standard size)

--8 inch by 5 inch school box

--over the ear headphones


**Please label the following items with your child’s name:  2 composition books, 3 boxes of crayons,  scissors,  plastic folder,  binder,  headphones, backpack and school box.  The remaining items will be community supplies.


**Please note that there will be a suggested donation amount to cover Writer’s Dictionaries and Scholastic News.  Details will be given at parent orientation.

sight words

Please review these kindergarten sight words and practice letter naming (upper and lower case) and letter sounds.  We will hit the ground running in August! 

I                                              you                                   do

the                                           my                                    are

see                                           with                                  he

like                                           is                                      little

and                                           she                                   was

can                                           for                                   have

we                                            said                                  want

a                                              here                                 me

to                                             this                                  what

go                                             has                                   play

where                                       look                                  good

who                                          come                                 does

red                                           orange                              yellow

green                                        blue                                  black

purple                                       gray                                  pink

brown                                       white