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Christina Tibbs » 9.3 Chemistry Anchor Chart Project

9.3 Chemistry Anchor Chart Project

Chapter 9.3 Reactions in Aqueous Solutions 
Students will create an anchor chart using Canva to demonstrate their understanding of concepts in Chapter 9.3 of the textbook.  Watch the video below to see an explanation of the project.  
Examples of Chemistry Anchor Charts Below
Requirements and Grading Rubric
Student Names and Topics
Student Name Topic
Emilyn Spectator ions
Alyssa Aqueous solution, solvent and solute
Rhett Single replacement reactions
Ethan Net ionic equations
Rhiannon Synthesis and Decomposition reactions
Tanner Complete ionic equations
Paige Ionic compounds in solutions
Reece Molecular compounds in solutions
Hayden Reactions that form precipitates
Molly Reactions that form water
Emma Reactions that form gas
Makenzie Double replacement Reaction
Student Name Topic
Garrett Spectator ions
Nathan Complete ionic equations
Peyton Net ionic equations
Chloe C.  Synthesis and Decomposition reactions
Kolten Ionic compounds in solutions
Rylan Molecular compounds in solutions
Will Reactions that form precipitates
Seth Reactions that form water
Cooper Reactions that form gas
Erik Ionic charges
Penny Aqueous solution, solvent, solute
Riley Double replacement reaction
Chloe S. Single replacement reaction
Student Name Topic
Annika Net ionic equations
Eli Complete ionic equations
Keydon Spectator ions
Spencer C. Ionic compounds in solutions
Zoe Molecular compounds in solutions
Abby Reactions that form precipitates
Makayla Reactions that form water
Isleigh Synthesis and Decomposition Reactions
Austin Reactions that form gas
Spencer M. Double replacement reaction
Alaina Aqueous solution, solvent, solute
Jacob  Single replacement reaction
Hannah Combustion reaction
Student Name Topic
Donovin Double replacement reactions
Carson Solution, solvent, solute
Matthew G. Single replacement reactions